A Students Study Guide to Nakshatra: Study Guide Part II

Written by: Angela Pennington   www.AngelaPennington.com
Published: ACVA Newsletter March 2011                                     

 The human mind is a complex web of conscious and unconscious thoughts, desires, emotions and sensory perceptions. A Natal Chart shows us behavior tendencies, while the Lunar Mansions allow us to look more intimately at ones psychology and personal growth lessons.

In Modern Astrology the Nakshatras are used for: Natal Astrology, Murhurta, Mundane, Synastry and the Dasha System. For the purpose of this article, we will look at Natal and D-9 (Navamsha). Now, lets take a closer look at the Nakshatras and how to apply this information to basic chart analysis. For your reference, here is a list of the 27 Lunar Mansions:

Each Nakshatra is associated with a symbol, motivation, deity and their myth. They convey powerful messages. In my personal experience, I am finding that the myths are wonderful to share with clients because they offer an oasis of self discovery and healing. Due to length, I will omit the corresponding myths.
For your reference, here is a list of the associated rulers, symbols, motivations and deities:

Ashwini  Ketu,  The Star of Transport,  Horses head,  Dharma,  Ashwin Kumars, Shiva
Bharani  Venus,  The Star of Restraint,  Womb,  Artha,  Yama
Krittika   Sun,  The Star of Fire,  Razor,  Dagger,  Kama,  Agni
Rohini  Moon,  The Star Of Ascent,   Ox Cart,   Moksha,    Brahma, Prajapati
Mrigashira  Mars,   The Searching Star,  Deer Head,     Moksha,   Soma
Ardra  Rahu,  The Star of Sorrow,  Teardrop, Human Head,  Kama, Rudra
Jupiter,  The Star of Renewal, Bow and Quiver,  Artha,   Aditi
Pushya  Saturn,  The Star of Nourishment,  Cow Udder, flower, circle Dharma,    Brihaspati
Ashlesha  Mercury,  The Clinging Star,  Coiled Serpent,  Dharma,   Nagas
Magha  Ketu,  The Star of Power,  Palaquin,  Crown,  Artha,   Pitris
Purva Phalg  Venus,  The Fruit of the Tree,  Fire Place,   Kama,  Bhaga
Uttara Phalg  Sun,  The Star of Patronage,  Four Legs of a Bed,  Moksha               Arayman
Hasta  Moon,  The Hand,  Palm of Hand,  Moksha,  Savitar
Chitra  Mars,  The Star of Opportunity,  A Pearl,  Kama,  Tvashtar
Swati   Rahu,   The Self-Going Star,  Coral,  Artha,  Vayu, Saraswati
Vishakha  Jupiter,  The Star of Purpose,  Potters Wheel,  Dharma,                Indra, Agni
Anuradha   Saturn,  The Star of Success,  Lotus Flower,   Dharma,  Mitra, Radha
Jyeshtha   Mercury,   The Chief or Elder Star,  Earring,  Artha,  Indra
Mula    Ketu,  The Foundation Star,  Tail of Lion, Tied Roots,  Kama,  Nirriti
Purva Ashadha  Venus,  The Invincible Star,  Winnowing Basket,  Moksha,      Apas, Varuna
Uttara Ashadha   Sun,  The Universal Star,  Planks of bed,  Moksha,                The Ten Vishvadevas
Shravana   Moon,  The Star of Learning Ear,  Triple Footsteps,  Artha,                   Vishnu, Saraswati
Dhanishtha   Mars,  The Star of Symphony,  Drum or Flute,  Dharma,                The Eight Vasus
Shatabhisha  Rahu,  The Hundred Stars,  Hundred Physicians,  Dharma,          Varuna
Purva Bhadrapada  Jupiter,  The Burning Pair,  Sword,  Artha,   Aja Ekapada
Uttara Bhadrapada    Saturn,  The Warrior Star,  Twins,  Kama,  Ahirbudhnya
Revati   Mercury,  The Wealthy,  Fish,  Moksha,   Pushan

On a very basic level, a Nakshatra can lead us to a defining characteristic. For example, in example “A”, we show a man who is passionate about music. He plays multiple instruments with his focus being drums and percussion. The genre is ambient also known as meditation or healing sound. For him, music is a spiritual event, it calms his heart and mind.

Moon 27:17:52 Capricorn Nakshatra: Dhanistha (The Star of Symphony)
Sun 09:08:54 Aquarius Nakshatra: Shatabisha (Hundred Physicians)

The Ruler of Dhanistha is Mars, which is strong and favorable in this chart adding support to this Star. Saturn Lord of the 8th and 9th house is strong and favorable. Moon is conjoined Chart Lord Mercury, who is a little weak yet favorable. Through music, this well supported Moon and its Nakshatra has helped him heal wounds of an emotional nature. Its interesting to note, all three Dharma houses are connected to the Moon and its Nakshatra whose aim is Dharma!

In Natal Chart Example “B”, we delve deeper into a persons psyche by utilizing the Natal and Navamsha Charts. Here we find the positive qualities of a Nakshatra are somewhat diminished by debilitation.

This chart belongs to a woman who is very loving and caring. She is beloved by her family and friends. The challenge involves an inability to speak up for herself, when she does its a manifestation of anger. These wounds were inflicted largely by her parents (emphasis on father) and occurred in early childhood.

Mercury 13:22:45 Pisces Nakshatra: Uttara Bhadrapada (The Warrior Star)
Moon 15:41:42 Sagittarius Nakshatra: Purva Ashadha (The Invincible Star)

Mercury (karaka for communication) is debilitated in the 8th house, its Lord is strong and favorable. Mercury’s Nakshatra Ruler is Saturn, strong and favorable, however, Saturn brings difficulty. Mercury is aspected by Ketu. These influences cause her to withhold words for fear of creating a problem – its just “easier to not say anything”.

If we look to the corresponding Navamsha chart, Mercury and Mars are conjoined in Scorpio aspected by Jupiter. The Navamsha position adds a fiery temperament to Mercury. She does not speak until she is so angry she blows fuse or she will become extremely sarcastic, especially with men.

U. Bhadrapada is a complex Nakshatra representing duality in every form. Its actually a pair with Purva Bhadrapada. An interesting twist, the Natal Sun is in P. Bhadrapada! Together, these Lunar Mansions represent a beginning and an ending, a spiritual journey. In my opinion, this journey represents a woman, whose past life karma (Jupiter in house of Poorva Punya), dictated losing her voice to her Fathers dominance. Through the maturation of Mercury and spiritual upliftment she has learned to better communicate, and remains challenged in this area.

If you review the above charts more closely, you will see that there are many more connecting threads between the Lunar Mansions and Planets. I’ll leave it up to you to read the incredible myths behind the Nakshatras. Enjoy Reading!


Brihat Jataka author Varaha Mihira
“Path of Light Volume I” author James Kelleher
“Mansions of the Moon” author Kenneth Johnson                                                       
“Indian Astrology” author Komilla Sutton

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