Astrology: Specific Topic Your Choice
A particular area of life is analyzed. Examples: development or change in career,
defining qualities to find the right partner, pin pointing areas where you may feel
blocked, breaking behavior patterns, or just wanting to understand why certain things
are happening in your life at this time.

Astrology: Planetary Cycle and Transits (Dasha and Gochara)
Changes in planetary cycles transform our lives. By looking at the planetary cycle and
current transits, we can strategize and adjust to change. As we see a rise in life we
create a plan to meet the demands of success. As we see decrease, we create a plan to
move through the difficulty with more ease. Handling difficult situations is easier
when we know about it ahead of time.

Astrology: Specific Question (Prashna)
A chart is drawn for the moment a question is asked. This chart reveals the most likely
outcome and details surrounding the subject matter.

Astrology: Event Timing (Muhurta)
Timing an event to yield the best result. Great for determining a marriage date, buying a
house, starting a business, interviewing for a job and more!

Astrology: Compatibility (Synastry)
Analyzing individual charts for compatibility; emotional well being, rapport, ability to
communicate, sexual agreement, stability and longevity, destiny (karma), timing. Apply
to marriage, friendship and business partnerships.

Astrology: Birth Chart (Natal)
An overall chart review identifying natural tendencies, abilities and karma’s.

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