Ethical Standards

As a business owner and consultant, my goal is to build long term Client relationships based on honesty and integrity. Truly, I believe, behaving ethically is at the heart of professionalism.

The Client’s best interest is always my primary responsibility. Here are the five ethical standards I hold myself accountable to: 

Be Respectful
We live in a diverse and beautiful world. I honor gender, color, race, sexual orientation, religious belief and economic status. I treat everyone with courtesy, respect and remain mindful of cultural sensitivities.

Be Responsible
Fees are discussed up front before any services are rendered.

If a Client displays mental health issues, I will conclude our session and refer them to a mental health counselor.

If a Client’s needs are beyond the scope of my professional training, I will refer out to someone qualified in the specific area desired.

Integrity & Discretion
Confidentiality is guaranteed. Consultations and Client names are private.

All chart analysis must be done with the consent of the chart owner. The exception is if a parent or guardian requests a chart for their minor child.

Provide A High Standard Service
My professional responsibility is to ensure my Client’s receive the best possible information and advice. As an eternal student, I am always furthering my education and working on personal development.

Promote Trust In The Profession Of Vedic Astrology
Predictions: Wherever there is a challenge, there is also a solution. Consultations are positive and uplifting. Designed to foster growth and self development.