Magickal Blue and Black Moons

Every month the Moon makes a journey around the earth. This is called a lunar month or lunation.  A lunar month is on average 29.53 days. The Moon cycle is shorter than most of the calendar months. So eventually, the phase of the Moon at the very beginning of the month will repeat itself at the end of the month. This creates a second full or dark moon in the same calendar month. Typically, there are 12 lunation’s per year, but every 2.7 years we get an additional lunation for a total of 13 lunar months.

I was surprised to learn that the term “Blue Moon” has been used for around 400 years but has only had a calendrical association for about 25 years. Bottom line, its definition of being the second full moon in one month is a modern definition applied to a very old term. If you would like to read more about the history of the term, check out this article on Sky and Telescope Magazine:

Once in a Blue Moon by Philip Hiscock

Blue and Black Moon’s are sacred to the modern witch.  A Blue Moon is the second full moon in a lunar month and from a magical perspective brings added energy for spiritual work involving growth of all kinds. Whatever we harness the energy for, it has strength and purpose.  Under this moon, I like to set crystals outside overnight for cleansing.  One of my favorite things to do is make Blue Moon Water.

Blue Moon Water Recipe

Use a glass or crystal bowl
Add a Moonstone, Crystal, Rose Quartz
Fill the bowl with filtered water
Bless and consecrate the bowl of water
Set outside overnight where the light of the Moon will fill the bowl

The next day, with clean hands, carefully remove your crystals. Pour the water into a clean glass container. Store in a cool dark place.  The water can be used to drink, bathe, add to a spell or pour into a spray bottle to asperage your home. The water will amp up whatever it is exposed too.  Use the water before it begins to create new life.  Another twist is to add a Floral Hydrosol to the water. The scent is magical!

A Black Moon is the second dark moon in a lunar month. This is an incredible time to do personal development work. Maybe it’s time to let go of an outdated thought process or release an emotion. This energy is a deep journey inward towards self discovery. A great time for dreaming!

Auroramane’s Dream Spell

Find a feather and pick a sprig of Rosemary
Blow on it gently three times. Recite the following incantation:

Dark Mother of the black and mystic sea
Open the door and reveal to me ….
{state clearly the topic to which you need truth}

Place the Rosemary and feather under your pillow, go to sleep and receive an answer to your question.  I hope you enjoyed this information!


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