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Unity Revolution is about oneness. My weekly journal entries are meant to honor the duality of nature and connect those qualities into wholeness. This is fueled by my passion for current events as well as my interest in sacred texts from around the world. This forum is a stew pot of my thoughts, observations and idiosyncrasies.

The understanding of oneness leads to absolute truth. Many great people, including Mahatma Gandhi and Babaji, have said “Truth is One”. Meaning, a truth belongs to all with no difference to color, income, religion or sexual orientation.

We are all connected in this web of life. Lets discovers truths, empower ourselves and each other. Please join me every Monday for a new post!

Date: June 14

According to the Buddha, anger begins in the mind, so it must be eradicated from the mind. Anger is a dangerous emotion, as it rises, our judgment becomes clouded and creates bad behavior. In order to subdue our anger try these simple steps:

1. As you feel anger arise, call immediate attention to it: “Aha, I feel anger rising!”
2. Make like a piece of wood, don’t move, just breath.
3. Make a firm resolution to remain calm in the situation.

By becoming aware and acknowledging anger, we have immediately subdued it. Now, we have created an opportunity to make a better choice for ourselves and become an active participant in a solution. Be the change.

Date: June 21

Love is defined as tenderness, fondness, warmth, passion, adoration, affection and devotion. All mean a deep and enduring emotional regard, usually for another person or something greater than ourselves.

Love is giving without worrying about what we are getting. Becoming aware or mindful about radiating love is important. In order to become more loving and kind we can practice a meditation called “Metta”. The meditation is simple, it’s a formula expressed in four lines:

May all beings be free from harm and danger
May they be free from mental suffering
May they be free from physical suffering
May they take care of themselves happily.

In order to properly practice this meditation sit in a meditation posture, or sit in a chair with your feet flat on the floor. Keep your body somewhat relaxed and eyes closed. Repeat the lines mentally. Recite for 10 minutes then each time a little longer. 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 1 hour. We are programming the mind to loving kindness. The more we recite, the more and more we will feel ourselves radiating loving kindness.

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