New Student Hints

Written by: Angela Pennington
Published: ACVA Newsletter  December 22, 2009

Welcome new students!  Starting school is an exciting and busy time. Jyotish is as wide and deep as the ocean itself. Getting organized quickly is very important to keep track of large amounts of study notes and class materials.

Initially, the most important task is to carve out uninterrupted study time on a regular basis.  At first, this can be quite challenging, it takes a few weeks to find our personal groove. Most students agree, daily exposure is necessary to commit this level of information to memory. Here are some helpful ideas to maximize exposure, time and stay organized:

Flash Cards: Pick up a pack of multi colored 3×5 cards. Devote each color to a subject. For example: white cards – general information, pink – planets, green – houses. Carry them with you always and if you find yourself waiting in line somewhere, take them out and review! I like to review them right before I go to sleep.

Notebook: Keep a notebook of your class material. Create sections for each subject and label the subject in a particular color. Maintain continuity of your study materials, if your pink flash cards are planets, tab your planet information in pink. In this way, every time you see pink, you’ll know it’s related to planets. Using color will make searching for information extremely easy and quick.

Ready Reference Sheet: Create an Excel Sheet with information needed on a regular basis. For example, a table with each planet, it’s own sign / degree, exaltation sign / degree, directional strength, etc. This sheet is tailored to our individual study needs. Tape this above your desk and place a copy as the first page inside your notebook.

Assignments: Always type up your assignments in a word document and save to your hard disk. You can cut and paste from this file into the ACVA forums. Too many times students have typed their assignments directly into the forums, the computer glitches, and they lose their hard work. Also, in between modules don’t jump ahead. Use the time to review current material.

CD / MP3 Lectures: Download the Level I lectures to your iPod or keep a CD in the car.  Listening to lectures while we’re driving boosts our study time and is highly effective in improving our pronunciation.

Webinars: These fun classes are loaded with information on particular subjects. Webinars offer insights into chart reading techniques and perspectives not found in books. Easy to access, fun to participate in and a nice break from a book!

Module Clean Up: At the end of each module, we find ourselves inundated in paper, sticky notes and bookmarks. As the module is ending, its very beneficial to do some “clean up” work. Organize the current notes and file them while the subject is “fresh” in your mind. Go through books, make notes of names and page numbers for quick review.  Clean up the study space. Over the long term this is a huge time saver and it’s easier to start a new module in a clean space rather than a cluttered one.

Study Buddy: Make an effort to connect with classmates.  Good student connections support and nourish the soul. Our school mates understand the ups and downs of this intense course. Its wonderful to join up with students in between modules and discuss astrology. These new friends provide support and motivation for upcoming modules and stimulate the learning experience.

Lastly, if you are tired from too much study, go for a walk.  Get some fresh air, breath and remember we live Jyotish 😉

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