Spiritual Reality Check

Spiritual Reality Check

September 23, 2011

The challenges we face in the development of our consciousness are not unique to anyone. In fact, its absolutely predictable! Every time I share this information with someone they give me crazy eyes. Maybe it’s because we like to view ourselves as special and unique. The good news … we still can. Our uniqueness is found in our personalities. In my experiences, the raising or lowering of our consciousness happens in direct portion to our efforts in a past or our present life. In any case, it requires quieting the mind, looking inward, learning proper behavior and making better choices.

We all have areas of weakness and strength and its not necessarily our lot in life to awaken like Christ or the Buddha. Yet, our Soul is here to learn and grow. The Venerable once told me “when we learn a TRUTH, we get to keep it in our next life”. This is a powerful statement to the awakening process and a testament to how powerful right word and action can be.

Sadly, in our communities, the holiness of this is overlooked in the shadow of self righteousness and “personal truths”. Incidentally, a “personal truth” is merely a perception.

One of the biggest challenges in the New Age or Spiritual community is that people have a false idea of where their consciousness actually rests. Honestly, in most cases people believe theirs is higher than it actually is. If you want a better idea of where you sit, I encourage you to watch this online movie. “The Five Gateways”.



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