Reclaiming The Voice Part 1: My Story

August 28, 2012

When I became aware my throat chakra was closed, it took upwards of ten years to clear and open. To reclaim our voices, we need to understand how we were silenced. Here is my story:

As a child I had strong view points and opinions rarely welcomed by my Father. I grew up hearing catchphrases like “don’t speak until your spoken too” and “just ignore it.”   My Mother was a little different. She never restricted my reading material, always encouraged free thought and then made comments like, “let’s keep those thoughts to ourselves”. At the time, my young parents were doing their best to pay the bills, feed us and keep their kids out of trouble. They were not equipped to manage a creative and outspoken kid whose thoughts did not mirror social norms. Let’s face it, I viewed the world differently and my parents did not have the skills to deal with it. As a result, I learned anger, yelling and how to be quiet – not much in between.

As I grew up, it became obvious my communication style needed a change. I read every self improvement book I could find. By the time I made it to my early twenties I had discovered enough problem solving mechanisms to mitigate my issues. However, the throat remained closed. As a result these symptoms would show themselves at the worst time:

Upset, I kept quiet, until I was so angry I’d blow
Could not share my feelings
Trouble telling people “no”
Anything to avoid confrontation
Making fun of people
Creatively blocked
Could not sing, gossiped, yelling

In my mid-twenties, these issues were taking their toll on my marriage, so I went to see a psychologist. The best year of self care ever! My marriage did not survive counseling nor did we clear my throat. However, for the first time, I could see patterns, the impact of parental discipline and mentally organize childhood issues. I could also share my feelings. A huge step forward!

The real test and reality check came seventeen years ago on a fateful flight from Phoenix to Portland:

On this flight, there was a man named “John” whom I had never met. John was seated next to me. Thirty minutes into the flight, he asked me to kiss him. I said “no”. This scenario played itself out multiple times. Like a good girl, and true to my childhood training, I ignored him. The man seated behind John, heard what was happening, kicked the back of John’s seat and hollered at him. Witnessing the altercation, the flight attendant immediately came over and moved John to a new seat. Problem solved.  Well, not exactly. My hero, the man who defended my honor, said to his wife, “ I don’t know why she didn’t do something about this herself”.  Whaa?!  I felt like he punched me in the gut. He was right, it was my responsibility to stand up for myself. In a split second, my life changed forever and I spent the remainder of my flight fighting back tears. To this day, remembering hurts, yet it opened the door to my ultimate healing.

Next week,  please join me. I’ll be sharing the Symptoms, Causes and Cures for a closed throat chakra.

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Inescapable Death

August 23, 2012

As I approach my forty seventh year, I find myself deep in thought, how my life has grown and changed! Over the years, there has been a huge emphasis on the cultivation of my heart and mind. As a result, I really don’t recognize the person I was ten, twenty or thirty years ago. My mind has never been more clear and my heart is open. Yet, there remains an inescapable realization; I’m at least halfway through this lifetime, maybe more.

People my age seem to drop dead unexpectedly from “natural” causes. A major heart attack from one too many McDonald’s French fries or liver damage from youthful partying. Whatever it is, one thing is common, we never really learn about someone until their dead. Perhaps it’s because in these times of changing social norms, funeral behavior has not changed, and heart centeredness is the only acceptable behavior.

At a funeral, everyone shares a special memory or act of kindness. We share the qualities we admired in the deceased. A beautiful ceremony where we learn how someone invested their time, love and money. Sadly, the deceased, being the guest of honor and highly criticized throughout their life, does not get to experience the kudos’.  A lesson to us all, tell loved ones and those who have positively had an impact on our lives, how important they are. It could change everything.

Personally, the legacy I want to leave behind is not about money. My hopes are people will remember me as; truthful, respectful, great sense of humor, loving, helpful, spiritual and an overall epic woman. Of course, it remains to be seen. There are lots people who think they know me. Truthfully, only a few actually do and they know who they are. My true family. They will pass my legacy properly and remember me each year as the wheel turns.

Death is imminent for all of us. The Lord of Death is “by the book”. If our name is written on the page dated today…. Well you understand.

Instead of worrying about how much time is left, I’m going to live each moment to it’s fullest.  As I look in the mirror, I’m going to focus, not on the subtle lines emerging, but on the radiant light of wisdom gained through knowledge and experience. As I watch gravity take greater hold of my tits, I recognize my power fully radiates from within. Each day, I get stronger in who I am becoming. My soul is growing and even though I’m still in good shape, this spiritual loaner car of a body has racked up miles and is technically wearing out.

It doesn’t matter how many years I have left, what matters is what I do with the remaining years. Definitely sounds cliche. My confidence is in knowing who I am on the deepest level. Each new situation opening up to me with ease or difficulty, will be greeted with an open mind and compassionate heart.

May we all enjoy a long and happy life!

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Wounded World

March 15, 2012

Last night, just before I feel asleep, my consciousness left my body and began to fly. Like a bird, I flew fairly low just above the tree line. Fast and buoyant, I travelled over land and sea, across continents through time zones. As I moved from land to land, I could feel the energy of the people and places. In desolate areas I felt calm but not peace. In locations filled with people, I felt great waves of sadness. In very few areas did I feel anger. Combined, these feelings were so great that I no longer wanted to fly. Yet, I moved on despite my heavy heart.  I called out to the Universe “why do I have to witness this?”.  A gentle breeze replied, “Truth lives within our heart and now you know the hearts of others.”

All around the world, regular folks look for answers. We read books believed to be sacred and pure, and try our best to live by the principals set forth within. Unfortunately, many have been taught to interpret these texts literally. It’s a shame so many rely on others to determine the direction of their moral compass, rather than see the common message within all sacred text.

We allow Ivy league graduates, to run our countries. Most of us follow the laws and entrust these representatives with our money only to discover ivy league schools don’t require graduates to know the difference between a debit and a credit. These officials, represent their self interest, not ours. They wage war, but never send their own children to the front lines. They are elected on lies and live that way.

We rely on an impartial media to inform us of the facts. Sadly, each day the airwaves are filled with personal viewpoints from arrogant newscasters who were born with silver spoons in their mouths.

I believe most people in the world are good, no matter the religious belief. Truly, I believe the world wants peace not war. Everything in the world is sad right now. No matter how hurt your heart is, choose peace and harmony. Ask all governments to lay down the weapons and stop killing everyone. We have enough food, water and power for everyone in the world to be happy.

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Star Light, Star Bright

February 15, 2012

Star light, star bright,
The first star I see tonight;
I wish I may, I wish I might,
Have the wish I wish tonight.

I remember reciting this nursery rhyme as a child, knowing full well if my intention was clear, my dreams would come true. After all, Walt Disney was a great man! As adults, whenever we gaze up at the stars, we become childlike and fantasize about our hopes and dreams. Our minds drift down memory lane. Those twinkling stars pierce our hearts with compassion, bringing a sense of security and hope in the most dire circumstances.

In a moment of deep contemplation, The Star card in Tarot appeared to me. All the dots started connecting immediately, and a new understanding was revealed….

Standing under the stars we feel hope which brings a sense of empowerment. This feeling may last for a few minutes, while other times it fuels our inner fire and changes the landscape of our lives forever. From a spiritual perspective we view The Star as our aspirations, the things we hope and dream of. A place where our imaginations can run wild. In Western Esoteric Study, The Star is referred to as “Tzaddi” a Hebrew word for fish hook. Many times, I studied that fish hook wondering which dream I was trying to catch. Until the realization came..  I am not the fisherman, I am the fish.

Our hopes and dreams can be reality. The next time we stand beneath the stars, quiet the mind, embrace silence and try to hear what the stars are saying.

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I’m Sorry, Please Forgive Me

December 7,  2011

One evening many moons ago, my friend hosted a healing circle. While in circle, we began to talk about the power of forgiveness; of ourselves and others. My friend is very active in Hawaiian Healing techniques and offered an affirmation to help promote the healing process within us:

I love you
I’m sorry
Please forgive me
Thank you

The words are lovely. We chanted several times, enjoyed each others company and left for the evening. On my way home, I focused the affirmation on forgiving myself and  began to repeat it over and over again.

The next day, I decided to continue the affirmation on a mala. Halfway through the mala, the words started to become extremely difficult. At first, an omitted word, next a forgotten line. The barriers were breaking down. After a couple of days, I felt light and free of any blocks.

The mantra worked very well and quickly. I decided to apply it to my life where there was unfinished business. I allowed myself to set the intention and move freely between forgiving another, a situation or myself. This continued for a few weeks, as I would recite whenever I had a free moment. At one point, the energy was clearing so quickly, I had to take an evening for myself and cry out the rest.

This affirmation has become a personal mantra. Several years ago, a friend of mine started to go through a rough time, at the same time my life started to change dramatically. We lost touch. This bothered me for years because this was a very important friend to me. A couple of months ago, I thought I would give this mantra a real test. I contacted this old friend and asked to speak with them. When we connected I said:

I love you
I’m sorry
Please forgive me
Thank you

Missed years immediately drained away. We were both in tears and happy to be re-connected. I am so happy about this. The next day, my friend emailed me and told me they felt their heart had been moved into a higher state of compassion!

Please use these words to forgive yourself and others. Don’t be afraid to say them during an argument with a loved one and repeat them to help heal lost moments.

Peace be with you.

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In Order To Get Rid Of A Demon, We Must Invoke It First

October 11, 2011

It is easy to turn away from situations we are afraid of and ignore things which would force us to take responsibility. Sadly, turning away actually creates regret and ignoring is nothing more than a permission slip for unspeakable acts of cruelty.

Frequently, I hear people say “we are all connected” and yet they remain ignorant regarding problems in their own homes and communities. By doing nothing, we allow these situations to continue. By educating ourselves and taking right action we open a doorway of healing for all living things.

“In Order To Get Rid Of A Demon, We Must Invoke It First”, means for our own soul to grow and burn more brightly, we must look at what we have just turned away from.

If someone says something offensive to us, instead of getting angry, look inward and ask “why does this trigger a reaction inside of me?”.  If you see an image of a sick animal online, don’t turn away, instead ask “how did my non-action allow this to occur?”

You see we are all connected. Sickness and poverty anywhere in the world belong to all of us. So, the next time you see a group protesting, get up off your butt and go find out why they are upset and challenging a system because if that group is losing some of their rights, I guarantee you are too.

I challenge you to invoke the tough questions.
I challenge you to invoke the facts and become part of the solution.
I challenge you to invoke your own inner demons.

With humility and reverence, I ask you to become the highest quality human being you can be. Our earth, Our Oceans, Our Plants, Our Animals and Our Fellow Humans are depending on it.

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Spiritual Reality Check

The challenges we face in the development of our consciousness are not unique to anyone. In fact, its absolutely predictable! Every time I share this information with someone they give me crazy eyes. Maybe it’s because we like to view ourselves as special and unique. The good news … we still can. Our uniqueness is found in our personalities. In my experiences, the raising or lowering of our consciousness happens in direct portion to our efforts in a past or our present life. In any case, it requires quieting the mind, looking inward, learning proper behavior and making better choices.

We all have areas of weakness and strength and its not necessarily our lot in life to awaken like Christ or the Buddha. Yet, our Soul is here to learn and grow. The Venerable once told me “when we learn a TRUTH, we get to keep it in our next life”. This is a powerful statement to the awakening process and a testament to how powerful right word and action can be.

Sadly, in our communities, the holiness of this is overlooked in the shadow of self righteousness and “personal truths”. Incidentally, a “personal truth” is merely a perception.

One of the biggest challenges in the New Age or Spiritual community is that people have a false idea of where their consciousness actually rests. Honestly, in most cases people believe theirs is higher than it actually is. If you want a better idea of where you sit, I encourage you to watch this online movie. “The Five Gateways”.


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The Necessity and Liberation of Letting Go

September 14, 2011

In July, I felt this strong internal drive to clear out and revitalize my living quarters.  For ten arduous weeks, I cleared useless stuff from every room and closet. Literally, no nook or cranny was left unturned. By August, truck load after truck load departed to St. Vinnie’s and Goodwill. Furniture and boxes of assorted must-have’s were given away or sold. This cleared enough working space that I could now begin to sort through three generations of book boxes. Unloading years of books and memories on Ebay, some lots were huge and sold for pennies. I didn’t care, the desire to release myself from the dogma of previous generations overpowered my sense of profiteering. My soul needed liberation.

As the resultant years of mindless shopping cleared, the cleaning began. Every window washed and bright new window coverings replaced the old. Floors were scrubbed and rugs cleaned or replaced. Paint touched up, small repairs made. The Feng Shui / Vaastu cures re-organized and placed.

I feel clean, renewed and organized.

For some, my experience may sound like a standard spring cleaning, but this went deeper than the floors and walls. The release of so many things gathering dust, also cleaned my mind and heart. Yes, I shed some tears along the way, but it felt natural and needed.

My spirit is renewed and although the daily news is fraught with financial downturn and unemployment, I know I’ll be okay.

I invite you to clean out your house, give away or sell what you can, trade for what you need. Our identities are shifting at this time and to fully embrace the newness, we must quit feeling bad about what we’ve lost and concentrate on what we have.

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James Ray: The Light and Dark Secret

June 28, 2011

A few years ago,  I attended a free seminar offered by James Ray, a charismatic motivational speaker. I watched attentively as he moved the audience into a high state of optimism and a willingness to pay thousands for his retreats, books and CDs.

Being a student of esoteric study, I immediately recognized his sources of inspiration. The first being from a well known book called “The Kybalion, Hermetic Philosophy”.  By adding Native American and Shamanistic principals and practices he created a modern day cookbook of life philosophy tasty to the western palate. He offered huge servings of axioms and charged exorbitant prices. Absolutely brilliant from a business perspective. Eh, not so much from a spiritual perspective.

Being completely aware of his offering and where it came from, I found myself wanting to reach for one of his books. In a split second, I took a deep breath, became aware of my body and realized there was a larger manipulation happening. In the days following, my studies turned to how motivational speakers engage their audience to sell goods and services to folks who had not planned on buying anything. In my research, I discovered mind control techniques were employed. Here are a few for your consideration:

1. Keep the room at a temperature of around  68 degrees.
2. Create a sense of “family” through touch, thought and emotional sharing.
3. Suggest key phrases and words and use them repetitively.
4. Create a chant and encourage everyone to participate.
5. Generate feelings of guilt / finger pointing: exaggerate former lifestyle choices.
6. Encourage the destruction of the ego through confessions of personal weakness.
7. Denounce old values and instill new values in a group setting.
8. Prevent people from being able to think privately.
9. Burn bridges of the past by making a financial commitment today.

These are a sampling of common brainwashing methods. Its noteworthy, these same techniques are also used by religious zealots, cult leaders, military boot camps, schools and in political propaganda, just to name a few.  James Ray used all the above ways in his free seminar.

My personal belief is that Mr. Ray started his journey with the best of intentions. The Secret worked in a positive way – wow – here comes the Mercedes!  However, as his popularity grew so did the demands. Money, power and fame increased. One of “The Secrets” not shared by James Ray is that when you extract from the universe, you also receive the opposite in equal measure. The Law of Attraction, still working, began to attract the qualities of greed and lust Mr. Ray was radiating.

In October 2009, three people lost their lives in a sweat lodge retreat James Ray was conducting. On June 22, 2011, James Ray was convicted on three counts of negligent homicide. As I write this, the sentencing phase is underway. The jury will decide Mr. Ray’s fate, ranging from probation to eleven years. Sadly, Kirby Brown, James Shore and Liz Neuman received a death sentence. Their family and friends, a life sentence.

Lets not allow this to happen again. Please educate yourself on brainwashing and mind control techniques.

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Radiating Loving Kindness

June 21, 2011

Love is defined as tenderness, fondness, warmth, passion, adoration, affection and devotion. All mean a deep and enduring emotional regard, usually for another person or something greater than ourselves.

Love is giving without worrying about what we are getting. Becoming aware or mindful about radiating love is important. In order to become more loving and kind we can practice a meditation called “Metta”. The meditation is simple, it’s a formula expressed in four lines:

May all beings be free from harm and danger
May they be free from mental suffering
May they be free from physical suffering
May they take care of themselves happily.

In order to properly practice this meditation sit in a meditation posture, or sit in a chair with your feet flat on the floor. Keep your body somewhat relaxed and eyes closed. Repeat the lines mentally. Recite for 10 minutes then each time a little longer. 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 1 hour. We are programming the mind to loving kindness. The more we recite, the more and more we will feel ourselves radiating loving kindness.

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Subdue Anger and Harness Personal Power

June 14, 2011

According to the Buddha, anger begins in the mind, so it must be eradicated from the mind. Anger is a dangerous emotion, as it rises, our judgment becomes clouded and creates bad behavior. In order to subdue our anger try these simple steps:

1. As you feel anger arise, call immediate attention to it: “Aha, I feel anger rising!”
2. Make like a piece of wood, don’t move, just breath.
3. Make a firm resolution to remain calm in the situation.

By becoming aware and acknowledging anger, we have immediately subdued it. Now, we have created an opportunity to make a better choice for ourselves and become an active participant in a solution. Be the change.

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Welcome to Unity Revolution Journal

June 7, 2011

Unity Revolution is about oneness. My weekly journal entries are meant to honor the duality of nature and connect those qualities into wholeness. This is fueled by my passion for current events as well as my interest in sacred texts from around the world. This forum is a stew pot of my thoughts, observations and idiosyncrasies.

The understanding of oneness leads to absolute truth. Many great people, including Mahatma Gandhi and Babaji, have said “Truth is One”. Meaning, a truth belongs to all with no difference to color, income, religion or sexual orientation.

We are all connected in this web of life. Lets discovers truths, empower ourselves and each other. Please join me every Wednesday for a new post!

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