I am a successful, 63 year-old, retired social worker and business person.  I view myself as a creative visionary, and I like solid, measurable results.  I have been interested in astrology for many years.  I have had a number of readings, but none have been more helpful to me than Angela’s Vedic Astrology reading.  My wife and I recently returned from a nine week trip to Japan, Taiwan and Indonesia.  Angela did a reading for us before we left on this once in a lifetime trip.  Her wisdom, intuition, empathy and advice were life-savers by helping us to understand/reframe some challenging on-the-road adventures and more importantly, appreciate how this trip would and could be transformational for my wife and I in our marriage and our life.

In reflection, the power of Angela’s work is the grounding perspective it provides.  Her spot on reading gave me a framework and guideposts by which to understand unpredictable events and challenges as they unfolded on the trip.  Her words of advice about travel, health and relationships were right on target.  If after reading this note, you want to learn more about my experience, please feel free to contact me through Angela.
With Appreciation,
Larry S, Executive Producer, Bremerton, WA
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When I initially got in touch with Angela about life-coaching, I thought my issues stemmed from one area of my life, and while that was part of it, I was missing the deeper seated issue as proceeding with that thought process.  After meeting with Angela, she made me feel very comfortable (she has this very caring air about her), and let me talk, say what I needed to say, and after listening, she was able to help me shift my focus to a deeper root that needed work, which I probably wouldn’t have come to realize on my own.  Angela is very knowledgeable, and she gives you the sense that she actually cares, and wants to help you achieve your your goals, and not just there to sit you on a couch, let you ramble on for an hour, and then shove you out the door to attend to her next client.
S. Talley,  Seattle, WA
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When I approached Angela regarding her services as a Vedic Astrologer, I was impressed by her education, experience and credentials. My high expectations were fully met. Angela clearly loves her craft and has a deep commitment to helping others recognize and realize their potential. She has a rare ability to find significant patterns and relationships within the intricate weave of celestial influences and to relate them to the lives and needs of her clients. Her exceptional ability to communicate complex concepts in easy to understand terms sets her apart from the rest.   I heartily recommend Angela to anyone searching for answers. Her insight, integrity and empathy make her an outstanding astrologer.
P. Davisson, Federal Way, WA
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Angela Pennington is an extremely talented Vedic Astrologer. Not only did she map out my history and personality traits with amazing accuracy, she gave me a new insight into myself and a fresh and positive direction in my current career aspirations. I whole heartedly recommend a consultation with Angela to anyone who is seeking to understand themselves on a deeper level and make positive changes in their life.
M. Clayton, Renton WA
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My daughter and I found our readings to be insightful and invaluable to understanding one another. We were able to step back and see our relationship from a new understanding. You taught us to derive strength from our differences and to care for one another through difficult times. Thank you so much for a thorough reading of our charts.
M. Schuman, Issaquah, WA
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Thank you for the consultation, I got so much out of it. This was the first astrology reading I had, and you were awesome. You confirmed some things I already knew, and made me aware of a few I didn’t. You also gave me some pointers on what/how I need to fix things. I would highly recommend you to everyone I know for a consultation.
H. Boyd, Kirkland, WA
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I have had many readings that never got to the root of my issues. With this astrology consultation, I now know how I tick and why I tick the way I do, and best of all, how to embrace my individuality and uniqueness and how to make changes in my life that will be the most beneficial to me. Thank you Angela for your wonderful insight and compassion.
L. Shahan, Renton, WA
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