Written by: Angela Pennington
Published: American College of Vedic Astrology, September 22, 2011

In talking with students, I’ve noticed we all share a common insecurity, we are afraid to be wrong. We’ve studied sacred text, rules and charts. Just when we understand how a graha in a particular bhava and nakshatra will behave, the graha shows another side to itself. Alas! We start again from the beginning.

Self induced stress was overtaking my psyche before a consultation; What if I lack knowledge? What if I let this person down? What if I’m wrong? What if…
My quivering voice and shaking hands startled me, after all, like so many others, I have a significant background in esoteric study. Why should astrology be any different?

The following information is a result of my meditations and contemplations to the questions above. With humility and reverence, I offer these words for your consideration:

Trust Ourselves
We’ve worked and studied hard to learn proven techniques and skills for chart consultation. We will never know everything.  As students we cannot compare ourselves to our mentors and teachers who have been studying Jyotish much longer. We must trust our on-going studies have brought us certain understanding and our client base will be in alignment with our knowledge. As we gain experience, our natural talent and area of expertise will make itself known. Through lifetime after lifetime, we have earned our way to the study of Jyotish. We can be confident this knowledge transcends a book and as it makes the journey to our tongue as long as we remain in a space of compassion and humility, we are upholding the core tradition of Jyotish.

Trust The Process
Just as spring follows winter, the study of Jyotish is a natural and on-going process. We begin intellectually, and within a short amount of time we may find our EGO challenged. Before long, our emotional center is triggered and in some cases, complete lifestyle changes are required. Every serious student I’ve met in Jyotish, has modified their lifestyle to some degree. About four months ago, I started questioning myself. Did I choose the right path? After all, astrology is not considered one of the top five career choices for the next decade. I sat down to the Ganesh Altar and asked the question, if I’m where I’m supposed to be, could you give me a sign?  Literally three days later, my answer arrived in the most unexpected way. Crazy but true; I went to Starbucks to pick up a Latte grabbing an extra one to offer to my dog’s groomer. When I returned, she declined the Latte due to a temporary dietary restriction. When I walked into my office, I set the coffee down on the only clear table space – in front of Ganesh. Within moments, the house was locked and I was off running errands. Upon returning an hour later, the coffee had completely disappeared. No other possibility in sight, I believe Ganesh enjoyed a Grande Skinny Carmel Macchiato. Our paths are Holy and guided, stay true to our heart.

Trust Knowledge
Every student I have met in Jyotish has an ample background in the Eastern or Western mystery systems. We’ve read modern books, sacred texts and dozens of articles written by the best Jyotishi in the world. Even if we cannot consciously remember, the information is seeping into our unconscious minds. At the same time, its integrating into our existing knowledge base. In my experience, when looking at charts, there is a moment when intellect meets intuition – this is where the magic happens. In order for this amazing moment to occur, we must relax into our process and trust.

I cant remember if I was watching her website videos or listening to her speak at a conference, but Joni Patry said something that sticks in my mind. She said “sometimes predictions are not going to be accurate, but that shouldn’t stop you from predicting!”.

Remember, if you don’t know the answer, its OK to let a client know. Also, there’s no shame in referring someone to a more experienced Jyotishi. I find that in this day and age, clients appreciate the honesty. As we step out and bravely begin forecasting, know that not everyone will agree with us and there’s no harm in healthy debate.

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