2013 Through Tarot

Viewing 2013 Through Tarot

2013 is a powerful year of change. We have moved through an old cycle and folks are ready to start rebuilding. The rising Sun on Solstice 2012, inspired us to move beyond past limitations and embrace new lives. At the same time, new vibrations are requiring responsible action. Be prepared to release false belief systems and develop moral character.

On Solstice, the Sun rose in Sagittarius, the corresponding Tarot card is Temperance. This card is commonly depicted with an angel pouring water from one vessel to another, while the Sun rises in the background. Fire and water feature prominently. The imagery  delivers several important messages. The most notable; becoming aware of our higher self and allowing the wisdom of the higher mind to pour into our conscious mind. To achieve this aim, we must balance fire and water in several ways;

– Resolve anger issues and the tendency to be over emotional.
– Learn non-violent language skills.
– Learn to give and receive in equal proportion without expectation.
– Learn sexual control; sexuality tempered, spiritual fire of kundalini ignited.

This is a “Dark Night” gateway, exposing the reality of self induced illusion and the fragility of an ego centered life. By balancing these elements, we create an alchemical change within our physical body and a rebirth occurs. As we develop ourselves through Temperance, we learn how to work with others harmoniously, and begin to release our materialistic identity. Mastering this card brings us into a state of humility.

Opposite Sagittarius is the air sign of Gemini, corresponding to The Lovers. In this card we find the myth of Eros and Psyche, the divine union of love and desire. Many call this the Twin Flame reunion. I believe a more accurate description would be the reunion of the anima and animus (inner twin flame). The balancing of masculine and feminine energy within oneself. This balancing is not easy because the qualities of air bring confusion to the mind. We must remove the lies we tell ourselves and others which keep us bound and unable to express our divine nature. The Lovers implies sexuality, struggles and challenges as well as the condition of our relationship. The Lovers indicates choices to be made.

Making this year unique, is the 2012 Solstice Sun alignment to the center of the Milky Way Galaxy. Many view this alignment as a portent, a vibrational shift raising the consciousness of humanity. In the center of the Milky Way, is a massive black hole, four million times the mass of the Sun. From an esoteric stand point, the Sun represents our divine fire and intelligence. It makes sense to look into the center of our inner galaxy, finding and releasing the false belief systems hiding in the dark crevices of our minds. By doing so, we can radiate our spiritual light like the Lion. This can only be achieved through balance and honesty. It requires courage to make choices in alignment with our  higher spiritual self because these choices come from our heart not our mind.

By making  new choices in alignment with our higher self, we walk with nature. Our needs are met and we find happiness.

Astrologically, we are feeling the impulse to draw inward and explore our own inner mystery.  Movement through dance and yoga release old patterns from our physical memory. Kirtan (singing mantra) and en-toning helps clear our throat, connecting us to our higher self and universe. Devotion to whomever you pray, builds the qualities of humility and reverence.

The sacredness of water is going to come to the forefront as many begin to understand its true nature and power. Go with the flow, do not worry about material possessions. Build meaningful relationships. Be at peace.

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