Life Changing Courses

  • Nature Spirituality

    A program for individuals interested in learning about and developing their understanding and skills in earth focused spirituality. 

    Earth Spirituality is a lifestyle focused on:

    • Connecting with like minds for spiritual connection and celebration

    • Gaining and applying ancient knowledge to enhance your life

    • Preserving and protecting the earth and each other


    In this course you will learn:

    • About the Goddess and God

    • Learn the lunar and solar wheels of the year

    • The Elements, directions, sacred tools and casting a circle

    • How to create sacred space and create protection 

    • How to set up powerful altars and give offerings

    • How to create personal rituals and candle magic

    • How to connect with animal totems, guardians, guides and gods

    • Audio visual presentations, hands on experience and rituals.

    Much more!


    • We’ll meet 2 times per month, Saturday mornings corresponding with New and Full Moons. 

    • $108 per month paid monthly

    • $30 non refundable supply fee paid at registration 

    • This course lasts for one year and a day

    This course is offered under the Temple of Cosmic Light

    At course completion, receive a certificate.

    Due to Covid 19 Courses are on hold.

  • Tarot Course 

    Beginner, Advanced, Professional

    Online And In Person

    Instruction methods are through Keynote presentation, discourse, handouts, discussion and hands on exercise. A fun and engaging experience! 


    Class 1: Numbers, elements, classic imagery

    Class 2: Major Arcana part 1

    Class 3: Major Arcana part 2

    Class 4: Minors: Cups and Pentacles

    Class 5: Minors: Wands and Swords

    Class 6: Standard and custom layouts

    $249 for 12 hours of instruction, 6 classes

    ​Classes not sold individually.


    In the advanced course we visit the Tree Of Life, learn pathworking and gain a deeper understanding of the Tarot and it's powerful symbology.

    This is a one year course.


    Learn how to create sacred space, hold energy for someone, engage conversation and turn a consultation into an inspiring experience for both the consultant and client.

    This course is offered under the Temple of Cosmic Light, Certificate upon completion.

    Due to Covid 19 Courses are on hold.

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