• Angela Pennington

A Knight On The Grassy Knoll

Last night I had a dream about a Knight standing on a grassy knoll. He looked seven feet tall, dressed all in black and his hand rested gently upon the handle of his sword. I glanced to the left and saw my dog next to him. On impulse, I drew my sword and walked toward him. As I approached, he drew his sword.

Me: Sir, I do not want to fight, I just want my dog.

Knight: Why have you drawn your sword?

Me: I am only trying to collect my dog, I dont want to fight.

Knight: You have drawn your sword.

Just then, it hit me like a bolt of lightening! I was standing in front of a powerful Knight, clumsily holding a weapon I did not know how to properly wield in battle. I did not realize I was preparing to fight, yet my gesture of unsheathing the sword sent a message of war and almost ignited a battle. Gently, I lowered my sword.

Me: Kind Sir, please forgive my ignorance. Only now do I realize my error in judgement. Truly, my concern was for my dog. I can see he is in no danger. The Knight slightly nodded his head in acceptance, turned and walked away.

In order to bring our hearts and minds into alignment, we need to tackle our subconscious thought process. To accomplish this task, we must ask ourselves those uncomfortable questions:

  • Do we create arguments and fights simply by preparing for them?

  • We perceive certain threats in our lives... are they real or imagined?

  • Do we say one thing and do another?

  • Do we honor our word?

The questions above make an interesting meditation and contemplation.

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