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Crystal Cleansing and Communion

My love affair with crystals began when I owned a metaphysical store. Whether raw or cut, they are gorgeous and I feel a deep connection. Most crystals are magnetic and draw energy inwards. Whether in a toxic environment or calm household, crystals will store negative energies. This can make bright beautiful crystals cloudy and *feel* unclean. Over the years, I’ve been asked how to clean crystals. The following information is based on my experience through trial and error:

Moonlight, by far, is the best method I have discovered. Place your crystal in a safe place and leave outside on a full moon night. The moonlight will wash over the crystal gently releasing unwanted vibrations. The next morning, your crystal will be vibrant and sparkly!

If you don’t have time to wait for a full moon, another method is to place your crystal under cold running water for about 20 minutes or immerse the crystal in a cold bucket of water overnight. This method will cleanse but not to the same degree as moonlight.

Another good way, is to place the stone in a flower pot or on the ground. The idea is to let it sit in the soil. You do not need to bury it for the effect. One or two full days are sufficient.

The final method is very common and routinely over recommended. Use a teaspoon of salt in a quart of water, place the crystal in the water and leave it overnight. Please note: many crystals and minerals are salt sensitive and will actually pit or erode from exposure to salt. In my opinion, this is the absolute worst way to cleanse your beautiful crystals and not necessary ever.

Connecting and Communicating

In my experiences, many crystals have a Spirit or Guardian living within. Cleaning a crystal properly makes it happy - a perfect time to access it’s inner wisdom! For best results, never rush through this process. Make sure you have uninterrupted time.

For connecting and communicating with a crystal, here is a technique that works for me:

1. Take a few minutes in your sacred space to relax and connect to the universe. Do light a candle and incense if this aids your focus.

2. Hold the crystal in your left hand and sit quietly allowing yourself to experience it’s energy field. Do not rush. For the beginner, this takes some time.

3. When you *feel* a connection, ask the crystal if you may speak to it’s Spirit or Guardian. Continue to sit quietly.

4. Open your mind and allow the crystal to tell you the reason it has come into your life.

5. If no response on #4, let the crystal know how it can support the healing process you are working through.

6. Make sure you are clear on the message or intent. Kindly ask the Spirit to help you. Let the Spirit or Guardian know what methods they can use to work with you. For example, I regularly give permission for the Crystal Spirits to enter my meditation time because it’s a powerful mental and emotional state for me.

7. Remember, the Spirit or Guardian is bringing grace into your life. Be sure to give offerings of milk, honey, dates or other natural sweets as a gesture of gratitude.

Enjoy working with your crystals!

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