• Angela Pennington

Don't Look Away

It is easy to turn away from situations we are afraid of and ignore things which would force us to take responsibility. Sadly, turning away actually creates regret and ignoring is nothing more than a permission slip for unspeakable acts of cruelty to happen.

Frequently, I hear people say “we are all connected” and yet they remain ignorant regarding the problems in their own homes and communities. By doing nothing, we allow these situations to continue. By educating ourselves and taking right action we open a doorway of healing for all living things.

For our own soul to grow and to burn more brightly, we must look at what we have just turned away from. If someone says something that offends us, instead of getting angry, look inward and ask “why does this trigger a reaction inside of me?”. If you see an image of a sick animal online, dont turn away, instead ask “how did my non-action allow this to occur?”

You see we are all connected. Sickness and problems anywhere in the world belong to all of us. So, the next time you see a group protesting, get up off your butt and go find out why they are upset and challenging a system because if that group is losing some of their rights, I guarantee you are too.

I challenge you to ask the tough questions.

I challenge you to look at your own behavior.

I challenge you to learn the facts and become part of the solution.

With humility and reverence, I ask you to become the highest quality human being you can be. Our earth, Our Oceans, Our Plants, Our Animals and Our Fellow Humans are depending on it.

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