• Angela Pennington

Inescapable Death

As I approach my forty seventh year, I find myself deep in thought, how my life has grown and changed! Over the years, there has been a huge emphasis on the cultivation of my heart and mind. As a result, I really don’t recognize the person I was ten, twenty or thirty years ago. My mind has never been more clear and my heart is open. Yet, there remains an inescapable realization; I’m at least halfway through this lifetime, maybe more.

People my age seem to drop dead from “natural” causes. A major heart attack from one too many McDonald’s French fries or liver damage from youthful partying. Whatever it is, one thing is common, we never really learn about someone until their dead. Perhaps it’s because in these times of changing social norms, funeral behavior has not changed, and heart centeredness is the only acceptable behavior.

At a funeral, everyone shares a special memory or act of kindness. We share the qualities we admired in the deceased. A beautiful ceremony where we learn how someone invested their time, love and money. Sadly, the deceased, being the guest of honor and highly criticized throughout their life, does not get to experience the kudos'. A lesson to us all, tell loved ones and those who have positively had an impact on our lives, how important they are. It could change everything.

Personally, the legacy I want to leave behind is not about money. My hopes are people will remember me as; truthful, respectful, great sense of humor, loving, helpful, spiritual and an overall epic woman. Of course, it remains to be seen. There are lots people who think they know me. Truthfully only a few actually do and they know who they are. My true family. They will pass my legacy properly and remember me each year as the wheel turns.

Death is imminent for all of us. The Lord of Death is “by the book”. If our name is written on the page dated today.... Well you understand.

Instead of worrying about how much time is left, I’m going to be sure to live each moment to it’s fullest. As I look in the mirror, I’m going to focus, not on the subtle lines emerging, but on the radiant light of wisdom gained through knowledge and experience. As I watch gravity take greater hold of my tits, I recognize my power fully radiates from within. Each day, I get stronger in who I am becoming. My soul is growing and even though I’m still in good shape, this spiritual loaner car of a body has racked up miles and is technically wearing out.

It doesn’t matter how many years I have left, what matters is what I do with the remaining years. Definitely sounds cliche. My confidence is in knowing the woman I have become. Each new situation opening up to me with ease or difficulty, will be greeted with an open mind and compassionate heart. May you have a long and happy life!

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