• Angela Pennington

Just turn off your television

Stillness and solitude is a large part of my spiritual practice. Being in a quiet space allows me to think, contemplate and assimilate various facts, figures, conversations, emotions and other experiences that mold and shape my reality. Quiet time is essential in order for me to keep a balanced mind. My house is quiet. During the day, its very uncommon to hear the television or radio playing. I can’t imagine any other way to live.

Many people I’ve known over the years have commented to me, they wish they could spend as much time on their spiritual practice as I do. Every time I hear their comments I say, “You can, just turn off your television”. They nod and say, “Oh yea, I don’t really watch it, its mainly background noise”. WTF?

This statement bugs the hell out of me. Why would anyone want the television blaring as background noise? Does a baby mama screaming on Jerry Springer sound better than a small home fountain? I posed this very question to a friend of mine who promptly commented she could not afford a home fountain. Yet, each month she coughs up $125 for “background noise”. Insanity.

The people I know who use television as background noise, all have some things in common:

1. Impulsive spenders and have financial issues.

2. Low self esteem and difficulty maintaining relationships.

3. Depressed, angry, sleep issues.

4. Unrealistic views and expectations of the world.

5. Control issues.

Sound like you or someone you know? Ask yourself a couple of questions:

(1) What area of life am I having trouble in?

(2) Does it resemble a television show I’m watching?

Better yet, ask a friend who you trust to give honest answer.

In order to accomplish a state of higher awareness, we need to cultivate our minds. Every commercial and show we watch is sending subliminal messages. In order to grow spiritually, we need to clean out the subconscious and bring that part of our mind into alignment with the conscious mind.

Developing our spiritual self requires discipline and an ability to prioritize our lives effectively. I’m not always quiet. I love to go to parties and spend time with friends. Last week I had a great time at a concert. We should LIVE our lives, not watch others pretending to live. Yet the truth remains, to hear our Creator speak to us we need to be still.

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