• Angela Pennington

Necessity and Liberation of Letting Go

In July, I felt this strong internal drive to clear out and revitalize my living quarters. For ten arduous weeks, I cleared useless stuff from every room and closet. Literally, no nook or cranny was left unturned. By August, truck load after truck load departed to St. Vinnie’s and Goodwill. Furniture and boxes of assorted must-have’s were given away or sold. This cleared enough working space that I could now begin to sort through three generations of book boxes. Unloading years of books and memories on Ebay, some lots were huge and sold for pennies. I didn't care, the desire to release myself from the dogma of previous generations overpowered my sense of profiteering. My soul needed liberation.

As the resultant years of mindless shopping cleared, the cleaning began. Every window washed and bright new window coverings replaced the old. Floors were scrubbed and rugs cleaned or replaced. Paint touched up, small repairs made. The Feng Shui / Vaastu cures re-organized and placed. I feel clean, renewed and organized.

For some, my experience may sound like a standard spring cleaning, but this went deeper than the floors and walls. The release of so many things gathering dust, also cleaned my mind and heart. Yes, I shed some tears along the way, but it felt natural and needed. My spirit is renewed and although the daily news is fraught with financial downturn and unemployment, I know I’ll be okay.

I invite you to clean out your house, give away or sell what you can, trade for what you need. Our identities are shifting at this time and to fully embrace the newness, we must quit feeling bad about what we’ve lost and concentrate on what we have.

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