• Angela Pennington

Wounded World

Last night, just before I feel asleep, my consciousness left my body and began to fly. Like a bird, I flew fairly low just above the tree line. Fast and buoyant, I travelled over land and sea, across continents through time zones. As I moved from land to land, I could feel the energy of the people and places. In desolate areas I felt calm but not peace. In locations filled with people, I felt great waves of sadness. In very few areas did I feel anger. Combined, these feelings were so great that I no longer wanted to fly. Yet, I moved on despite my heavy heart. I called out to the Universe “why do I have to witness this?”. A gentle breeze replied, “Truth lives within our heart and now you know the hearts of others.”

All around the world, regular folks look for answers. We read books believed to be sacred and pure, and try our best to live by the principals set forth within. Unfortunately, many have been taught to interpret these texts literally. It’s a shame so many rely on others to determine the direction of their moral compass, rather than see the common message within all sacred text.

We allow Ivy league graduates to run our countries. Most of us follow the laws and entrust these representatives with our money only to discover ivy league schools don’t require graduates to know the difference between a debit and a credit. These officials, represent their self interest, not ours. They wage war, but never send their own children to the front lines. They are elected on lies and live that way. We rely on an impartial media to inform us of the facts. Sadly, each day the airwaves are filled with personal viewpoints from arrogant newscasters who were born with silver spoons in their mouths.

I believe most people in the world are good, no matter the religious belief. Truly, I believe the world wants peace not war. Everything in the world is sad right now. No matter how hurt your heart is, choose peace and harmony. Ask all governments to lay down the weapons and stop the killing everyone. We have enough food, water and power for everyone in the world to be happy.

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